Choosing Us, a Boutique Firm

As a boutique design office we offer what the larger companies cannot offer, a very personal service, your project manager is also your designer (Steve). You will be discussing your project concepts with the one who will do the actual designing, and it doesn’t get any more personal than that (Steve Again).

We can promise what the larger companies simply cannot promise, that none of your work will be transferred to an intern or a designer of lesser experience, since we don’t have any. This is a matter of, what you see here is what your “going to get.”

SEO or your place in Google’s Search Engine
Search Engine Optimization,  as well as the additional acronyms for having your website “found” is a profession with a “moving target.” This is a subject that always comes up when discussing websites. Though we understand SEO and our websites are “google smart”, the actual rules seem to be in constant motion. We have a partnership with, Haifa, Israel. They are experts in global internet marketing. Working together, your beautiful site will also have the visitors that your require.

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Steve Spinner
General Manager/Designer