A graduate of the University of Michigan, I have been working in design since 1987 when I first opened up my office in Haifa, Israel. As one of the earliest adaptors in Israel to the “desktop technology,” I found himself requested to teach at the Technion, as well as to consult to some of Israel’s and the worlds major high-tech companies in graphic design, hardware and software.

My designs have been used throughout the world, be they the company logo of a multi million dollar company or simply a flyer for a local start-up. In between the two are website designs, posters, packaging and anything else that requires a “graphic” to explain or sell a product.

My creations include:

  • Website designs and development
  • Posters and brochures with clear messaging
  • Infographics that can explain complex concepts with a single diagram
  • Presentations (ppt)

Michael, our IT / Security Guy

Michael Cina, provides dedicated IT Support & Management services including security, backups, software and hardware implementations and upgrades, IT project management and end user support throughout SMB and Enterprise environments.


Nadejda, Photography and Photoshop Specialist

Nadja our photographer has been taking photographs for social events such as weddings and exhibitions or the more precision photography that the high-tech world demands. A good photographer also knows how to manipulate images in Photoshop™, and here Nadja’s sharp eye for detail and color is matched by her Photoshop skills in image manipulation.